Alpine Aspen Festival and Fish Fest at Lake Tahoe

Judy Wickwire fly fishing.

Fly fishing with Judy Wickwire in Hope Valley. Photo Courtesy of Alpine Aspen Festival

Alpine Aspen Festival

The Alpine Aspen Festival takes place over the October 7 & 8 weekend. Head up to Hope Valley and the Blue Lakes Road, right off SR 88. The large parking lot, almost at the intersection, is where most everything will be.

Hiking, nature walks, disc golf, watercolor workshops, music, fly fishing demonstrations and instruction, Dutch Oven cooking, history, aspen tree planting, bird watching and much more will fill each day. Some of the offerings are off site but close by. Most everything is free. Anything that you pay for will be more than worth it.

Families will enjoy the friendly people and events, and your well behaved doggies are welcome as well. All of this is in a beautiful area of Hope Valley. The aspens will be showing some color, and fall is absolutely in the air up here.

Remember to wear layers, use sunscreen, take a hat, and lots of chocolate.

Fall Fish Fest

The Fall Fish Fest at the USFS Taylor Creek Visitors Center at Lake Tahoe. It’s an annual celebration of the return of the Kokanee Salmon to Taylor Creek.

Saturday and Sunday, October 7 & 8, 2017, from 10:00 AM – 4:00 p.m. this family friendly festival celebrates autumn, Kokanee Salmon, Taylor Creek, Lake Tahoe, and education about all of it.  Added bonus: it’s free.

All you have to do is show up. While there will be goodies available it’s best to bring your own lunch and stash of snacks, especially chocolate covered M&M’s. Festivals can be hunger inducing, especially among the children.Arrive early to get a decent parking spot. The annual Oktoberfest is going on at Camp Richardson at the same time.  With two big events like this happening at the same time parking will be a nightmare. Go early.

The salmon will fill Taylor creek from bank to bank. An amazing sight that is also very colorful, as they swim upstream to spawn. Year after year, they head back to Taylor Creek to do it all over again. The Kokanee turn red during their swim upstream making them pretty easy to see. Bring your camera, with a full battery and lots of room on the memory card.

The day will include a treasure hunt–always exciting for the little ones–fish painting, a visit from Smokey Bear, and the mascots Lulu the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout and Rock Salmon, along with a giant inflatable Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. Add to the mix the Bumble Bee Ice Cream truck and things just look perfect.

Runners may opt for the  Kokanee Trail Runs. Walkers are welcome to participate in these runs.

The Rainbow Trail winds through the underground Stream Profile Chamber, which is part of the Rainbow Trial. There’s lots to do and learn while on the trail. Take the time to read all the colorful signs along the way.

The Kokanee Salmon are prime food sources for bears. There are plenty of bears around, and at this time of year quite a few of them head to Taylor Creek, intent on gorging on salmon.

They are wild animals. Mother bears with cubs come here. If there are bears around while you are there, stay well away from them, especially the mother bears with cubs in tow. Your safety and the safety of the bears are at stake.

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